Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Some More Blogging Tips!

Hey y'all!
     Taylor and I finally came up with our blogging tips! You can read the first post HERE. Here goes nothing!

1. Keep your blog a happy place!

     I think that this tip is pretty self-explanatory... Just try not to post really sad/upsetting stuff on a normally happy blog. There's a chance that you'll upset some of your readers, and you most likely wouldn't want to do that! We usually try to post happy things here on Emily and Friends; that's how a lot of doll blogs are.

2. Try to keep a schedule!

     This schedule doesn't have to be super detailed if you don't want it to be. I recommend that you should try to at least know how often you're going to post something. Some people go super in-depth, like knowing exactly which post that they're going to make months in advance. As you maybe able to tell, we don't do that here (We're working on making a schedule, but with the end of school coming up, it's getting a little tough). 

     I know that these tips weren't as useful as some of the tips in the earlier post, but I hope that you find them to be useful anyway :D

Addie and Taylor

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  1. Those tips are still helpful!