Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy First Day of Summer!

Hi dolls!
 Taylor here... Happy first day of summer!! This is going to be a really short post...oh well. We have a hermit crab now! His name is Herman. He enjoys pinching fingers :P We got a short letter from Natalie today!! Here's what she wrote:

     Hi Taylor and Emily!
Long time no see! Camp Little Lake is so amazing! Saige and I are having a GREAT time working in the arts and crafts cabin. The dolls here are super nice and friendly. So far, we've made model magic bugs, marshmallow monsters, and lots of bracelets. We'll try to send in some pictures soon. I have to go help, my next group is coming in!

See you soon,

P.S.- Saige says "HI!!"

Monday, June 16, 2014

Thoughts About Isabelle (And Other Stuff)

Hi Dolls!
     It's Emily here.. It's been 3 days since Saige and Natalie have left for Camp Little Lake, so I'm feeling a bit lonely. (A note from Taylor- You think you're lonely? Natalie's my sister!) Continuing with my post, our owner has been thinking about getting Isabelle more and more lately. Funny thing, though; at first, our owner didn't like Isabelle AT ALL. She was complaining about how she looked like a lot of the other Girl of The Year dolls. Then she started looking at her a little more, and now she's saying that she might get her... What?? One day she's complaining about her, now she wants to buy her? She told us yesterday that she realized that Elizabeth is the only blonde doll that she owns, so she would be OK with having another blonde doll. I hope that this means that we would get her after we get Addy, 'cause I've been looking forward to meeting Addy for a while. Isabelle seems like a nice doll, though. Taylor LOVES her coral sweater; she won't stop talking about it! It's a nice sweater, but I don't plan on wearing it.

     Now from Taylor, in pink ink, who kept bugging me until I let her type.
I really don't have much to tell you, but first, I wasn't bugging Emily that much... But anyways, I get to take care of Saige's bird Tallulah while she's at camp. She's really awesome and cool. Not Saige, I mean Tallulah, haha. I wanted to be a counselor too, but I forgot to send in my application form on time... Oh well, maybe next year :P 

Emily and Taylor

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Packing for Camp

Hi dolls!
Natalie and Saige here!
Natalie is in purple ink.
Saige is in blue ink. 

We're packing for camp today! Saige and I are going to be counselors!
This is very exciting since I've wanted to be a counselor for the past few years.
We are posting this as we pack, and yes, we are packing later than a lot of dolls are. Our camp starts later than, like, every other doll camp.
Which is very annoying because we like camp a lot. 
Emily isn't going to be a counselor this year. I don't think that she'll ever like camping...
She's not the outdoorsy type. She doesn't like wearing anything but dresses and skirts, so we can't see her being a counselor, which is probably for the best.
Also, our owner doesn't like letting her leave the house... Back to packing! We are going to Camp Little Lake.
Kinda weird though, 'cause it doesn't have a lake that we can swim in. We can boat though, so that's cool, I guess. 
It has a nice pool...
True, but I'd like to swim in a lake.
I don't like swimming in things that I can't see the bottom of. Ew.
We are working in the arts and crafts center. I can show my creativity!
Our owner is making us finish packing... But before we go, one short announcement: Saige and I will not be posting often from camp.
Being a counselor is time consuming and tiring :P
Emily and Taylor will be taking over our stuff (not that either of us post often anyways), but we'll try to keep you updated on our time as counselors.
Bye!- Saige
Bye!- Natalie