Sunday, October 19, 2014

Craft Time With Natalie and Saige!

Natalie and Saige here!
     Before we start, everyone at Emily and Friends wishes Saige a super happy belated birthday!!! 
     Thanks! So we have an idea for a new series of posts here, called "Craft Time With Natalie and Saige!". It's a pretty self-explanatory series. 
     What Saige is trying to tell you is that we are starting a crafting series! We've been feeling like, SUPER CRAFTY since we got back from camp in July, but we just can't think of any good crafts! 
     So we need your suggestions! Anything would be a big help. We're thinking of fall/halloween/thanksgiving crafts for right now. We would even accept winter crafts, too!
     You can leave us a comment or email us your suggestions/requests (You could also email us just to say hi!). Just tell us your craft request and if you want us to write your name at the beginning of the post. Example: This craft was requested by DollLover42003! 
     Which would be cool because then our other readers could be like "Woah he/she made an awesome request!"
      By the way, if 2 people suggest the same craft, we'll use both names in the introduction :)
     So that's pretty much it! Thanks for reading and don't forget to request/suggest a craft!

P.S.- Our email is, for those who feel like emailing us.


  1. Here are some ideas:
    Doll sized Jack-O-Lanterns, Candy for dolls (Lollipops, suckers, tootsie rolls, etc.), Doll sized Christmas tree, doll sized sled, Thanksgiving decorations for doll's rooms.

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    1. Thanks SO much!! We'll get working on that post right away!


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