Thursday, April 23, 2015

Some Blogging Tips!

Hey guys, Emily here.
     AAAHHH!!! I'm SO SO sorry that we haven't posted in so long! I feel super bad about this.... But I remembered that I wanted to make this post, so I guess that that's good? This post is NOT supposed to be super strict rules, you can just use one tip, or none, or however many you feel like using :P But they are pretty useful.  I had each doll write out one tip that they thought was important for having a fun blog. Let's begin!

1. Don't make false promises!

     This is simple! Don't say that you're going to do something and not do it! (We haven't been super awesome at following this, like with Craft Time With Natalie and Saige! posts :P) Don't promise that you're going to do something like have a giveaway when you reach 100 followers and then not do anything when you reach your goal. All that you're doing is making people upset that they didn't get what you promised them.

2. Don't stop posting without notice!

     This applies to any break- be it a month, or forever- that you take from posting. When I said a month, I meant that more for a blog that normally posts a few times every week. Just make a short post telling people that you're taking a break, and let them know for about how long it'll be. Try your best to be back to posting by the time that you said (read tip #1). If you're going to stop posting forever, then MAKE A POST TELLING PEOPLE THAT!!!!! We've found SO MANY blogs that just suddenly stopped posting and didn't warn their readers. It's kind of upsetting. If you're going to completely remove your blog, make a goodbye post that tells people that you'll be deleting the blog and leave it up for a month or two, then delete the blog. Leaving the post up will give your readers time to stop by the blog and know that they won't be able to visit anymore. If you're going to keep the blog up (which we recommend) then just make a goodbye post and let it be. Make sure that your readers know whether they'll be able to access the blog after you stop posting!

3. Don't use bad language!

     Don't use bad language on your blog! People will probably not return to your blog if you curse a whole bunch. Remember- kids are the main readers of doll blogs! 

4. Don't brag!

      Honestly, nobody wants to hear about how you got 20 AG dolls and all of their accessories for your birthday. Maybe it's just me, but when I hear stuff like that, I start to not like the blog as much. It's fine if you have a lot of dolls, but don't brag about how many you have. Keep in mind that there are a lot of kids that don't have any AG dolls! 

     Addie and Taylor couldn't come up with any tips; if they do, I'll make another post. Tell us your favorite tip!

Thanks for reading!
Emily, Saige, Molly, and Natalie!


  1. I agree totally with #2. If you keep going to a blog that hasn't posted in a long time, you don't know when you should just stop seeking a new post. Sometimes, I encounter old blogs, and I see the last post was in 2013, or something. But it wasn't a "goodbye" post, so I just have to assume that they are never coming back to their blog!


  2. I totally agree with number 4. I see blogs EVERYWHERE that have elaborated posts just about what they got for their birthday and for Christmas.