Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Taylor Still Needs Your Help!

Hey guys,
     It's Natalie again. We still need some suggestions for Taylor's counselor name!! You can check out the original post HERE. We've received a few really great suggestions, but unfortunately Taylor is not allowed to use her real name in her counselor name (for security reasons, I guess,) and these used her name. You can still help, though! Taylor's thinking that she wants her name to be something cute, maybe something that has to do with working in the kitchen? It doesn't have to be about the kitchen, that's just an idea. The deadline for name suggestions is Friday, May 29th; we leave for Camp Little Lake on the 30th. Just leave your suggestion in a comment, or in our suggestion survey (RIGHT HERE!). Be creative! Counselor names are supposed to be silly :P We'll make a post before we leave for camp telling you what Taylor chose.

Natalie, A.K.A. Green Bean


  1. Pinky Minky?
    Echo Girl?

  2. Since she likes fashion, maybe something like Fashionista or Glamor Girl

  3. What about Tater? (As in Tater Tot) Or Mint (That would actually make a good doll name!)

  4. If most people do food names, you could also use Tot ( More from Tater Tot) And here are some more: Skai (Pronounced as "Sky" but I like the other spelling better), Sunny (After all, it is SUMMER camp) And Sugar ( Sweetest name EVER! And foody too!)