Friday, May 15, 2015

Preparing For Camp!

Hey guys! Taylor, Natalie, and Saige here!
     As you may remember, Saige and I were counselors at Camp Little Lake last year.
     We're going to be counselors again this year! We filled and sent out our applications a few weeks ago, but we took pictures to show you what they looked like.

     I got to be a counselor this year too! I'm very excited. The only bad thing is that I have to work in the kitchen; I wanted to work with Natalie and Saige in the craft cabin.
     Hey! At least you got to work there this year, Taylor!
     That's true... I just don't want to wash dishes all day.
     We're packing today, we need to be at the camp on May 30th so we can set up stuff and go through a bit of training. The campers will get there on June 14th. Last year they only gave us a day to set up! 
     I'm glad that they gave us a few weeks to prepare this time. We didn't even finish training last year! It was a bit of a disaster.
     The pool wasn't even filled up by the time that the campers started to arrive. It was chaos!
     Okay, we need to finish packing now. Do you think that this post was too short?
     Nah. There's not a lot to be said. 
     So I guess that we're done!

Thanks for reading!
Taylor, Saige, and Natalie

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