Friday, May 15, 2015

Help Taylor Out!

Natalie here!
     Taylor asked me to help her out with something. Help us decide what her counselor name will be! Every counselor at Camp Little Lake has a funny nickname, and Taylor can't figure out what she wants hers to be! My nickname last year was Green Bean, and Saige's was Sparky. We get called the same thing every year, so we don't have this problem ;) Help us out! Every idea that we've come up with, Taylor had rejected; maybe you can come up with something better? We'll pick from these suggestions (unless we come up with something else here.) Maybe something that has to do with working in the kitchen? We need all of the suggestions by Friday, May 29th, because we leave for camp the next day. Leave your suggestions in the comments, it'll be greatly appreciated! By the way, the camp director doesn't want us to use our real names in the counselor name :)

Thanks for helping us out!


  1. Hmm> What about something like Table Tyler? Or Tiny Tyler? Sorry for not having correct puncuation> My keyboard isn"t working> And misspelled words>