Friday, July 4, 2014

Another camper??

Greetings from Taylor!
     So guess what! Our owner is going to camp next week too....without us! I really wish that I could have gone to Camp Little Lake with Natalie and Saige!  We really tried to convince her to let us go with her, but she just wouldn't budge on her word. Here's how our conversation went:

Owner: Quick reminder, dolls! I'm going to camp next week!
     Me: Can we go?
Owner: Nah, you might get lost, dirty, ruined, broken......the list goes on.
     Me: Please? I'll be careful!
Owner: Haven't we had this conversation before?
     Me: Umm....  (On a side note, we have had this conversation 3 times before)
Owner: Just what I thought. You know that I love you girls, but I want you to be safe. Besides,                 I'll only be there for a week!
     Me: But a week is 7 days long!!
Owner: And?
     Me: That's a long time of not being played with!
Owner: You'll survive. You can hang out with some of my other dolls, too!
     Me: Like who? I already know all of your American Girl dolls!
Owner: Well, I have the Disney Animator's Collection dolls, some Monster High dolls, and a few             Ever After High dolls, too. You can also clean up your bedroom with Emily... hint, hint.               It's a mess.
     Me: Okay...
Owner: You'll be fine.
     Me: Alright.

     And guess what? I met the Ever After High girls, and they're super nice and cool! Our owner has 6 of them; Cedar Wood, Apple White, Cerise Hood, Maddie Hatter, Raven Queen, and C.A. Cupid. I think that I'll be hanging out with them a lot next week :)



  1. Cool!!! Which Disney Animators does you owner have, Taylor?

    1. Our owner has Rapunzel, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Pocahontas, Merida, Aurora, Elsa, Anna, and Snow White. She also has a few of the It's a Small World dolls. She has the dolls from Japan, England, France, and Holland.

      Emily and Taylor

    2. Cool! I have a Rapunzel Animator, she has her own blog here: It would be awesome if you could come check it out!

    3. Liberty Rain,
      We've checked out Rapunzel's blog, and we LOVE it! She commented on here a few days ago! Thanks for telling her about our little blog!