Friday, March 20, 2015

Doll Focus: Piper!

     We've decided to do a new blog series where we go over some basic info about Ashleigh's non-AG dolls! So far we're just calling it "Doll Focus". Maybe later we'll come up with something more fun! It was one of the things that people were asking for in the suggestion survey. We're going to get to the crafts soon!

Piper Amelia

Artist: Virginia Comish
Nursery: Little Dimples Nursery
Weight: 7lb. 12 oz.
Height: About 22 in.
Sculpt: LE Knox by Laura Lee Eagles #333/1400

     I got Piper in November of 2014 for my Christmas/birthday present squished together. She's so cute, I love her! She's so realistic that people think that she's an actual baby! She's a sculpt by Laura Lee Eagles, which means that A LOT of people wanted her. Somehow, I won her eBay auction, and a few weeks later, she came in the mail! She has a few minor flaws, but they're not very hard to overlook, you probably wouldn't be able to notice them if I didn't tell you where they are. She's about the size of a one month old, so she just barely squeezes into newborn clothing; 0-3 months fits her better. Her hair is rooted, and she has a magnetic pacifier. Yay pictures!

We bought this car seat at the thrift store for 95 cents!!! It was practically new!
     Sorry about the lack of pictures... Maybe I'll do a photoshoot with her soon? Would that be something that you guys would like to see? If you have any questions about Piper, feel free to ask in the comments! I'll be happy to answer them :D 

P.S.- We have 21 followers now!!! We forgot to post when we hit 20 :P


  1. YES !! Please do a photoshoot. If you don't mind , please check out my VERY new blog.

    1. We've checked it out! We can't wait for some more posts!