Thursday, February 19, 2015

One Year Blogiversary!

     Emily and Friends turned one year old on February 12th!!! Sorry that we didn't get to post on the actual day, we may or may not have thought that it was the 28th, not the 12th...... WOW, this year has gone by so quickly! So much amazing stuff has happened here in the past 12 months :D Not only did we get a new member of our doll family, but we now have 17 followers and over 3,100 pageviews. We'd just like to say THANK YOU!!!!! We have had so much fun writing for this blog, and we just want to say THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!
 Now our owner wants to say a few words...
     Ashleigh here! I'm actually sort of surprised that my dolls kept this blog running for so long... I really thought that they would forget about it a few weeks after they created it! Anyway, like Emily said above two times, THANK YOU!!! It has to be said multiple times because it's so true! I'm so proud of all of the dolls for doing this! Almost everybody has posted something here, and I hope that they'll all try to post something this year... I'm looking at you, Elizabeth and Kaya. 
     On a less happy note, I just thought that I would put it out there now, but I'm not planning on adding any more American Girl dolls to my collection. I've run out of space in my room, and I don't have anywhere else in my house to store my dolls. I'm also saving up my money for other things, like another reborn doll. I just wanted to tell you that now!

     Back to fun stuff! All of the dolls have decided to say a little something to all of you! You can find the font color guide in the "Meet the Dolls" page, in case you didn't know who was typing :)

     I'm SO SO SO happy that we've been here for a whole year!

     Ditto to Saige! There will be some more interviews here soon... We're re-doing my reporting room, so it might be a while ;)

     Has it really been a year? It sure doesn't seem so! I remember our first post... My hair looked  awful :P And we thought that it would only be the three of us posting! 

     Natalie was right, her hair did look awful there! I'm only kidding, that's just what sisters do! Now that I look at my picture on the "Meet the Dolls"page, I look kinda bad too! Nobody looks amazing there; I should re-take everybody's picture... I guess that that's what I'll be doing this year...

     Even though I haven't done much for this blog, I love it! Thanks so much for being an Emily and Friends reader!

     You've already heard my opinion ;P Elizabeth and Kaya both said thanks, but since they haven't done anything here, they didn't say anything else about this whole thing... But we still included them in this picture :D

It's not the best, some of us didn't focus on the camera; but we had taken so many photos already, we were tired ;)

Thanks so much!
Emily and Friends

P.S.- Don't forget to leave us any questions in the comments of THIS post!!


  1. Wow, Congrats on 1 year!

  2. Congrats on blogging for a year! That is a great accomplishment. :) Keep up the fun posts! :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  3. Congrats on one year!! You are all such amazing bloggers, and I've always loved your blog :)

  4. Are you going to post again soon ?