Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Q&A For YOU!!

Saige here,
     I really enjoyed this whole Q&A thing that I had going on here these past few weeks, so I decided to do another post! But this is different; the questions will be for YOU, the readers! I gathered one doll related question from each doll that posts here, and your job is to answer them in the comments. You can find which font color goes to which doll in the "Meet the Dolls" page.

     How many AG dolls do you have?

     Who's your favorite Historical Character/ BeForever doll (retired or not)?

     Which AG doll is next on your wishlist?

     Do you have a favorite doll line/company (like AG, Monster High, or Hearts for Hearts)? If so, which one?

     Which BeForever/Historical Character doll do you think that you're most like?

     What names do you really love? Not really a doll related question, but your dolls have names!

     What kind of stuff would you like us to post about? We got a few requests to do more stuff with Piper, does anybody else think that would be cool? What kind of stuff should we do with Piper?  Any suggestions are good!
     OK! That's all of the questions that I got! Remember your mission: answer all of these questions in the comments of this post! Have fun!



  1. 1. I have one American Girl doll, Felicity, but I have five in my doll family. :)
    2. My favorite HC is probably Samantha or Nellie.
    3. I'd like to have Kanani one day, but I would want a Magic Attic Club doll first. :)
    4. I love the A Life of Faith dolls by far! :) Too bad they went out of business. :(
    5. I've never really thought about this, but maybe Kit or Felicity?
    6. I've always liked the name Maggie....
    This was fun! :)


  2. 1. I have 4. (Saige, Addy, McKenna, and Courtney (MyAG #39))
    2. I like Rebecca.
    3. Grace Thomas!
    4. I like American Girl and Our Generation
    5. I think I am most like Kaya, I love the outdoors and animals, too!
    6. I like the name Jessie.
    7. I would like to see crafts.

  3. Hi, you left a comment on my blog about all the awards I nominated you for in the past. Here they are:
    Dandelion Award:

    Grateful Blogger Tag:

    Blogger Recognition Award:

    1. Oh thank you so much! We're going to get to them ASAP!!


  4. 1. 5
    2. Cecile
    3. Grace
    4. AG
    5. Emily

  5. 1. 15
    2. Samantha,Kit,Addy,or Kaya(I have way too many favorite historical dolls xD)
    3. Caroline
    4. My favorites are American Girl and Our Generation
    5. Definatly Josefina. She's my mini me
    6. I have such a long list of names I like lol. But my favorites are Skylar,Samantha,Emma,Brooklyn,Quin,and the list goes on lol
    7. Maybe more Q&A's and photo shoots