Sunday, March 8, 2015

An Interview With Natalie

Molly here, once again!
     Today, I'll be interviewing Natalie! Natalie writes in purple ink. 

How are you today?
Great! How about you?
Pretty good, let's get to the interview!
Okay, let's do that!
What's your favorite color?
Purple, just like my font color here.
What's your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
Practicing hairstyles! I think that I've improved a lot in the past few months.
Cool! When did you first come to live in Maple Meadows with us?
Christmas of 2013. That's why my birthday's on Christmas!
How old are you?
So how do you and Taylor like being the only dolls to have a sister here?
I don't really know about Taylor, but I love it! It's really cool :D
Are you going back to Camp Little Lake to be a counselor again this year?
I sure hope so! I've gotta fill in and mail my registration papers soon, or I won't get a chance to!
Good luck! I hope that you get a spot!
Thanks! I do too!
Alright, that's all the questions that I have. Do you want to add anything else?
Yes. There's a poll on the right side of the blog, so don't forget to vote! And remember to leave any suggestions in our suggestion survey up above!
Molly and Natalie


  1. Loved it :) Is Taylor a Kanani doll .

    1. Thanks! And nope! Taylor's a MyAG doll, #44 to be exact.