Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ashleigh's Early Christmas Present

UPDATE: I only the fixed the pictures in this post! this is not supposed to be a repeated post, but whenever you update a post, it looks like it's new >:P

Natalie here!
     We've been waiting to show you pictures of Ashleigh's early Christmas present for like, a month; but we've only JUST been able to get Picmonkey to work. So anyways, Ashleigh got a new doll! It's not an AG doll, though. She got a reborn doll. In short, reborn dolls are super lifelike dolls that are made to look like and feel like a real baby. Her name is Piper Amelia, and she got here in the middle of November (we were gonna show you!!); she weighs 7 pounds, 12 ounces, and she's 21 inches long. Yay pictures!

     These pictures are kinda weird.... She isn't actually as yellow as these pictures make her look, and the bottom picture makes her have yellow blotches everywhere... But I love these pictures of her anyways :) Piper's so realistic, Ashleigh actually takes her to the store in her baby carrier sometimes, and people think that she's real! It's really funny to see people's faces when I say "Oh, she's a doll"! They get so surprised! OK, that's all for this post! 

Natalie and Ashleigh