Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Welcome to Emily and Friends!

Hi everyone! It's Emily! I created Emily and Friends to show you some cool stuff about dolls and make some fun crafts. We'll mostly have doll crafts here, and maybe a short story here and there (but I'm not the one you should be asking about stories :). Most of this blog will be from my point of view, but the other dolls will probably post a bit, too. We have 7 American Girl dolls here, Emily (that's me!), Saige, Elizabeth, Molly, Kaya, Taylor (MyAG# 44), and Natalie (MyAG# 43). Most of the posting will be done by Saige, Taylor, Natalie, and me.
Natalie, Emily, Saige

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    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting! We hope that you enjoy our blog!

      Emily and Taylor

  2. Hi AnonymousA! Thanks for visiting our blog!

    Emily and Taylor