Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Camp Updates!

Saige here!
     Hey readers! We've been having a lot of fun during counselor training here! The campers are going to arrive in a few days, so I decided to type this out now because I can really only use my laptop when I have time off. Natalie's been a bit more busy than me, so she couldn't type anything right now. She said that she'll post something soon. We don't really get to see Taylor very often, which is kinda annoying, because she works in the kitchen. Sometimes we get to see her at meals, though! Taylor gets one day off every week, so she's hoping that she'll be able to post then. 
     This summer, we are going to make a few(hopefully) craft posts! We are super excited about this! We're finishing our planning for camp right now, so we're too busy to post an entire craft on here... Hopefully we can get something done next week!
Talk to you all soon!

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