Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A (sorta) Photoshoot!

     Hooray, a photoshoot! Well, not really... Ashleigh took these pictures on a whole bunch of different days, but whatever. I had a day off from crafting today, so I decided to finally post this; it's been finished for a few weeks:P Some of you have been waiting for this for a while.... And some of you didn't say, so we don't know whether or not you'd have liked to see this. Oh well, too late now! Anyway, this is a photoshoot of Piper! Ashleigh's been kinda obsessing over Piper lately (or more than usual, at least... We got some reports about this from Em) so we decided to do something with her. Ashleigh took the pictures, I'm gonna add the captions along with some of the other dolls. 

You may have seen these first two already...
All swaddled up!

Ready to go on an adventure! (or to the store)
I still can't believe that that car seat was only 95 cents!
I wish I was there. I love thrift stores!

She's so cute here!
And realistic...

She's really chunky ;)
Chillin' out
She just needs a pair of sunglasses!
     That's all of the pictures that we have of her right now! I hope that you enjoyed Piper as much as I do:) Let me know what your favorite picture of her is!