Thursday, February 19, 2015

We're Doing A Q&A Post!

Saige here!
     So I decided that it would be super fun if we had a Q&A post! What do you think? If you have any questions about us, our blog, or really anything else that you'd like to ask us, just ask in the comments! Do you want to know what Taylor's favorite food is? Or Emily's favorite book? Just ask! We'd like to get a lot of questions, so we can do a long-ish post. I'll be in charge of that, but if you have a question for any specific dolls here, just tell me that when you ask. I hope we can answer your questions! Please try to get your questions in by February 28th! I'll be posting the completed Q&A post around March 1st.

Saige :)
P.S.- We have a blog button now! It's on the right side of the page; we used a pretty picture of Taylor. Don't forget to grab it!


  1. Here are a few questions from me:
    What is Elizabeth's favorite movie?
    Are you planning to get Grace Thomas?
    What is Kaya's favorite food?
    What is Taylor's favorite season?

  2. I have a few questions!

    Do you like any other doll brands besides AG? What are they?
    What are your favorite blogs?
    Have you heard of Playmobil? They're doll-sized for dolls. ;)


  3. What are your doll's favorite books? Do you have a favorite hairstyle to do on your dolls?