Friday, January 30, 2015

A Quick Thing...

Emily here!
     OK, so some of you said that our background and header here are all dark grey/black. It's NOT supposed to be that way. We are trying to work on it, something isn't right... We've been using Shabby Blogs for our background, has anybody else been having trouble with this? We noticed it a little while ago, but we didn't pay much attention. Has this been happening to you? I'd just like to know how many people this is affecting. We're going to go fix it right now; this is just a quick heads up.


UPDATE: I think that I've fixed it, let me know in the comments! It might take a few seconds for the background to load.


  1. It's better now :)

  2. I have noticed this too. It took about 20 seconds for it to load this time.

  3. Hooray! Thanks for telling us, everybody!

    Emily and Friends