Saturday, January 3, 2015

Thoughts About Grace Thomas, Pinterest, and New Year's Resolutions

Ashleigh here!
     First off, happy New Year!!! It's so hard to believe that it's 2015 already. I remember Isabelle being released like it was yesterday... OK, so I'm going to start with the Pinterest/ resolutions stuff first. We just noticed that you can actually pin our posts to your Pinterest account! If you look right underneath this post, on the line directly beneath the time that we posted this, you'll see a little bar with buttons that you can click to share our posts on multiple social media websites!!!! Let me rephrase that confusing sentence. If you click on one of the little buttons underneath this post, you can share it on the social media website of your choosing (Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc).  So, we want to ask you to do us a BIG, HUGE FAVOR..... Spread the word about our blog! Part of our New Year's resolutions is that we'd really like to get 30 followers by the end of this year, and you could help us do that :D Tell your friends! Tell your siblings! Tell your followers on wherever you have followers! If you have an Instagram (we don't... but still) you could post about us there (I'm not quite sure how to use Instagram. If I misstated anything about it, I'm sorry!). You could pin us on Pinterest! Really anything that you'd like to do. Help us reach our goal, please! That brings me to another point.....
     Our New Year's resolutions! These are blogging resolutions; things that we'd like to accomplish here on Emily and Friends. 
1. Get to 30 followers on Blogger
2. Reach a few thousand more pageviews! We got over 2,400 last year, and we're more popular now       than we were before!
3. Post more often. We really do try to post, but we are CONSTANTLY busy!
4. Start working on "Craft Time With Natalie and Saige!" posts. Seriously. We need to do this.
5. Start a new series of posts. Any ideas would be helpful! We were thinking about doing a short info         post about each non- AG doll. Sound good?
6. Do more on Pinterest! We pinned a lot of stuff yesterday, you can go and check it out HERE.
    And yet another point.....

     My thoughts about Grace Thomas, Girl of the Year 2015! -Remember, these are all MY opinions. It's totally OK if you disagree with them- In short, I love her. But there is more about that for me to elaborate on now, so here goes! 
     I first saw leaked photos of Grace a few weeks before January, and I really wasn't impressed. The lighting in the photos was off, and it made her look like she had orange skin and purple lips. Then came January 1st. I saw the photos of her, and I fell in love! The side bangs! Dark hair! Freckles! Josefina face mold! Her shoes! Aaaah! I need her. I. NEED. GRACE. THOMAS. So I looked at all of her stuff; clothing, furniture, the works. 

     Clothing: Adorable! Her clothes are actually stylish! Like something that I would totally wear; unlike most of Isabelle's clothing.... Anyways, there are two clothing articles in Grace's collection that I really want. Her Travel Coat and her City Outfit.
Grace's City Outfit

Grace's Travel Coat

Furniture: Ahahaha. $500 for a doll bakery? I literally laughed out loud when I saw the price. It's cute and all, but it's not THAT cute. Grace also has a Bistro Set that comes with a table and a chair and some other stuff that you'd put on a table. Then there's her Pastry cart, which is cute. Expensive, but cute. I can see taking some fun photos with that.

$500 doll bakery. Why?

Grace's Bistro Set

Grace's Pastry Cart
Accessories: Yay French Bulldog! I Like the mixer in the baking set, but it's too expensive if I just really like one thing in the whole set.  I do like her travel set, though!
Grace's Travel Set

Grace's Baking Set

Grace's French Bulldog

     This post has been way too long. Maybe I should have cut it in half. Oh well, too late now!

Happy New Year!

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