Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Year In Review!

Molly McIntire here!
     This is our "Year In Review" post. I'm going to do this at the end of every year, telling you a lot of the interesting stuff that has happened to this blog throughout the year. This is also a good recap post if you're new here and you weren't sure what was happening :)


12th- Our first post!


16th- Taylor's first post! Emily tries on different outfits for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!
23rd- Our first poll


20th- Saige's first post!


Nothing particularly interesting...


12th-Natalie's first post! (A collaboration with Saige)
13th- Saige and Natalie are off to camp!


22nd- 1000 pageviews!
25th- We got a Pinterest account! 


8th- Natalie and Saige return!
30th- Ashleigh and Taylor's birthdays!


7th- Our Suggestion Survey was created! (Take a look! you can find it by clicking on the page titled "Help us improve our blog, please!")
29th- Emily's birthday!


6th- 10 followers!!!!


22nd ish- We changed our blog's background to the adorable and cheery look that it has today


17th- My (Molly's) first post!
25th- Christmas! And, the addition of Addie to our family!!

     Now that I look at this, I feel like we didn't do enough stuff...... We are going to try to post a lot more next year! Hopefully there will be more interesting things to put onto our "2015 Year in Review" post!

Happy New Year!
Emily and Friends

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