Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ideas On (Possible) New Dolls

 Emily here! We are thinking about getting Marie-Grace. Saige and I think that she should get rid of the pincurls. None of us here are completely sure about that name for her (we think that it is a very pretty name, we just don't know if we think that it suits her; that's just us, though :) I'm thinking about naming her Olive, but that would mean a change of last name too. That is only because that would make her name Olive Gardner, which sounds a lot like Olive Garden, my favorite restaurant, and naming someone after a restaurant is kind of strange. Any ideas on last names? Maybe we won't even name her Olive, so the whole last name change wouldn't be necessary. It's all up to her. I like Marie-Grace's skirt set, maybe we'll get that, too.

      We also want to get Addy. I love her dress and long hair! Natalie wants to braid it. Badly. Not that she doesn't braid hair enough around here already.. Anyways, back to Addy. We are going to keep her name when we get her (we are getting her at one point), because we like it a lot. We will probably get Addy's blue dress, too. Now that I think about it, Addy is probably our first priority, with Marie- Grace coming in at a close second place.
       I'm planning on getting this stuff when I go on a wonderful trip to the AG store, but nobody's even sure if we are going yet! That's OK though, we'll just order the stuff online if we don't go (but I really want to!).


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  1. I think Olive is a lovely name! Hmm, Last name? Hmm..... I once read a book about a girl named Olive Dunwoody...
    - AnonymousA