Sunday, March 16, 2014

Emily in Different Outfits

Hey guys, Taylor here.
I know what you're thinking, Is there really a reason for this post? My answer- Not really! But! This is big news for us dolls here because.. Guess what! Emily's never come out of her meet dress! Not once! Never! This is really unusual for us because our owner is one to dress her dolls up in new outfits as soon as they come out of their boxes. Our owner was afraid that her dress would get messed up/lost if she changed. We aren't really sure why Emily hasn't mentioned something about this before, but now she has and our owner agreed to let her try on some new clothing!

Here she is in Natalie's meet outfit, the skirt and shirt.

And in the sweet school dress.

Modeling Saige's meet dress.

I just thought that you'd like to see this momentous occasion :) Now Emily's putting her meet outfit on again because she needs to have that on all the time unless she's dressing up for a new post or something :P


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