Sunday, August 16, 2015

Camp's Almost Over!!!

Hey guys! It's Natalie!
     Well, Camp's almost over... This is the last week for campers, and then we leave on Saturday. We thought that it would be fun to share some of the pictures that we took while we were at camp this year, so here you go! There's not a lot (like I said before, we got almost no free time), but I hope that you'll like them anyway. 

We are posing by the cabinet of crafty goodness here... That's where we put a lot of the stuff that we made over the summer.

Taylor came to visit!
     Did you notice that Saige has a cast on her arm in these pictures? She broke her arm last week on a double dog dare from a camper to climb the tallest tree in camp. She fell off before she even got ten feet into the air. You can't decline a double dog dare without sounding like a wimp! Oh, Saige... 
     Have you noticed anything else about these pictures? They were taken with an actual  camera!!!!!!! Almost every single picture on this blog was taken with the cruddiest laptop camera ever produced.... Eew. That's right readers! Our photos will (mostly) be of a much higher quality from now on! You may have noticed this in our craft last week :)

Well I guess that's it... We might not update again until we get home, so this may be our last post from Camp Little Lake this year! 
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