Friday, August 1, 2014

7 More Days!

Greetings from Taylor!
     Guess what?! Natalie and Saige are coming home in 7 more days! WOO HOO!! We got another letter today; this one's from Saige:

Hey Emily and Taylor!
     Saige here! Camp is so awesome! It's hard to believe that it's over next Friday... I'm going to miss it here a lot :( I really can't wait to see you guys!! Maybe Natalie and I will post one or two of the crafts that we did there on the blog. The camp director, Abigail is super nice! Did Natalie tell you that we have to have silly counselor names? My nickname is Sparky and Natalie's nickname is Green bean. We can't tell the campers our actual names; it's so hard to not call Natalie by her real name! Some of the other counselor's nicknames are Bubbles, Mittens, Ninja, Spill, and Dill (Spill and Dill are identical twins so it's super hard to tell them apart! I called Spill Dill, and I called Dill Spill for the first 2 weeks!). We have free time every Saturday and Sunday because campers arrive every week on Monday, and they leave every Friday. 
See you on Friday!
Saige (A.K.A. Sparky)

     So hopefully we can do a photostory on Friday showing when Natalie and Saige come home, but our camera isn't particularly nice. It's actually our owner's laptop! She has a camera but nobody can find the cord that connects it to the computer so we don't take very many pictures. That's the reason that we haven't done any photostories yet! Do you think that our laptop takes good enough pictures for us to do a photostory? Tell us in the comments please! That would be awesome :)


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