Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hairstyling Tips and Tricks With Taylor

Hi dolls!
Taylor here once again! So, this post would have been written by Natalie, but as you probably know, she's off at camp until the end of the month *sigh*. Since Natalie's kind-of the go-to hair girl here, I'm going to try to take her place, because I am her sister. Also, I have to do the most with my hair every day to keep it looking semi-decent, so I'm pretty good with hair too. This is going to be in a Q&A format; so here it goes!

How do you keep your hair looking so smooth and shiny?

     We keep our hair shiny and smooth by 1) not touching it a lot, and 2) doing very simple styles, A.K.A. ponytails and braids. We brush our hair often, and when it's needed, we'll spray some water onto our hair before we brush it. Make sure to NOT get any water into your doll's eyes!

Is there any certain way to brush your doll's hair?

     Not really, but just be sure that you don't use a lot of force, and always use a wire brush! Make sure that you only brush straight and wavy haired dolls; not curly haired dolls like Caroline, MyAG #26, or MyAG #44 (hey, that's me!)

How do you deal with those annoying little pieces of hair that just refuse to cooperate?

     We recently discovered that brushes that people use on a baby's hair work amazingly on our hair to keep those pesky pieces of hair down! Just brush down the piece of hair after you've competed the style, and viola! The hair behaves!

What do you do to take care of Taylor's hair?

     This question seems geared more toward our owner, but since it's about me, I'm going to answer it anyway. Very simply, don't do much to it; pigtails and braids are the maximum amount of styling that my hair can handle without turing into a frizzy nightmare. Also, NEVER EVER brush curly doll hair! Our owner brushed my hair once, and it was a complete disaster. Many hours of spritzing hair and finger styling curls later, our owner learned her lesson.

Good luck with your hair, and thanks for reading!


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