Thursday, June 12, 2014

Packing for Camp

Hi dolls!
Natalie and Saige here!
Natalie is in purple ink.
Saige is in blue ink. 

We're packing for camp today! Saige and I are going to be counselors!
This is very exciting since I've wanted to be a counselor for the past few years.
We are posting this as we pack, and yes, we are packing later than a lot of dolls are. Our camp starts later than, like, every other doll camp.
Which is very annoying because we like camp a lot. 
Emily isn't going to be a counselor this year. I don't think that she'll ever like camping...
She's not the outdoorsy type. She doesn't like wearing anything but dresses and skirts, so we can't see her being a counselor, which is probably for the best.
Also, our owner doesn't like letting her leave the house... Back to packing! We are going to Camp Little Lake.
Kinda weird though, 'cause it doesn't have a lake that we can swim in. We can boat though, so that's cool, I guess. 
It has a nice pool...
True, but I'd like to swim in a lake.
I don't like swimming in things that I can't see the bottom of. Ew.
We are working in the arts and crafts center. I can show my creativity!
Our owner is making us finish packing... But before we go, one short announcement: Saige and I will not be posting often from camp.
Being a counselor is time consuming and tiring :P
Emily and Taylor will be taking over our stuff (not that either of us post often anyways), but we'll try to keep you updated on our time as counselors.
Bye!- Saige
Bye!- Natalie

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