Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Emily!!

Saige here!
     It's Emily's birthday today! We had a little party for her. We all put some money towards getting her a gift, and we got her a little plush dog. A short explanation of doll birthdays are in order, so here it goes! 

     Doll birthdays vary from owner to owner, this is how our owner has set up birthdays for us. Doll birthdays are pretty much the same as human birthdays. We celebrate living another year, just like humans do, and we have parties, too! The only real difference is that we don't age like humans. Our owner just chooses an age for us when she receives us, and that's our age forever. Emily, Natalie, and I are 13 years old, and we'll stay like that. 

     Thats all for now!

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