Sunday, May 11, 2014

Our homemade clothing

     It's Taylor here. Today I'm going to show you our small collection of doll clothing that our owner has made for us. Our models today are Saige, Natalie, and me (Taylor).

     First, we have Saige modeling a hand-knit sweater dress, Saige's meet outfit boots, and Kaya's belt.

     Next, we have Natalie wearing a skirt, shirt, and cape, and a pair of shoes from one of Elizabeth's outfits (we don't know which outfit.. ugh).

     Now we have lovely me wearing a button print dress, headband, and the same shoes as Natalie.

     Saige again, wearing her meet dress, two different hand-crocheted sweaters, and her meet outfit boots.

     Natalie is modeling her meet outfit shirt, the pants from the retired bowling set, and 2 different aprons.

     I hope you've enjoyed our little fashion show! Comment and tell us which outfit was your favorite!


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  1. AnonymousA: AWESOME! I love the first one!